California hotel workers strike back over ‘union busting’ app

Hotel workers in California are striking back against a new
app that they say is being used to bust unions. The app, called Instawork,
allows hotels to hire temporary workers on a short-term basis. Union leaders
say that Instawork is being used to replace striking workers and to intimidate
those who are considering joining the union.

In recent weeks, hotel workers in Los Angeles, San
Francisco, and San Diego have gone on strike over wages, benefits, and working
conditions. In some cases, hotels have responded by using Instawork to hire
temporary workers.

One union leader, David Huerta, said that Instawork is
“a union busting tool” that is being used to “divide and
conquer” workers. “Hotels are using Instawork to hire scabs to
replace striking workers,” Huerta said. “This is a clear violation of
labor law.”

Instawork has denied that it is being used to bust u

California hotel workers strike back over 'union busting' app

The company’s CEO, Ari Ercole, said that Instawork is “a platform that
allows workers to choose their own schedules and work for multiple
companies.” Ercole said that Instawork is “not involved in any labor

However, union leaders say that Instawork’s policies make it
difficult for workers to join unions. For example, Instawork requires workers
to sign an agreement that they will not join a union. The agreement also states
that workers can be terminated if they participate in any “strike,
slowdown, or other concerted action.”

Union leaders are calling on Instawork to stop using its
platform to bust unions. They are also calling on consumers to boycott hotels
that use Instawork.

The strike by California hotel workers is the latest in a
wave of labor unrest in the United States. In recent months, workers in a
variety of industries have gone on strike, demanding higher wages, better
benefits, and more secure jobs.

The labor movement is gaining momentum in the United States,
and union leaders say that they are confident that they will be able to win
better conditions for workers.

What you can do to help

If you want to support the California hotel workers, there
are a few things you can do:

  • Sign a
    petition calling on Instawork to stop using its platform to bust unions. You
    can find the petition at the following link:
  • Boycott
    hotels that use Instawork. You can find a list of hotels that use
    Instawork at the following link:
  • Contact
    your elected officials and urge them to support the labor movement. You
    can find your elected officials’ contact information at the following

By taking these actions, you can help to support the
California hotel workers and the labor movement as a whole.


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