10 Hidden Features of Threads on Instagram

Instagram’s Threads app has gained popularity among users
for its focus on private messaging and sharing with close friends. While it may
seem like a simple messaging app at first glance, Threads offers a range of
hidden features that can enhance your messaging experience and privacy. In this
article, we will uncover ten hidden features of Threads on Instagram that you
might not know about.

10 Hidden Features of Threads on Instagram

1. Status Updates with Automatic Sharing

One unique feature of Threads is its ability to
automatically share your status with close friends based on your location,
movement, and other data. For example, if you’re at a coffee shop or traveling,
Threads can update your status with this information, allowing your friends to
see what you’re up to without you having to manually share it.

2. Quick Access to Camera and Messaging

Threads is designed to make capturing and sharing moments
with your close friends as quick and convenient as possible. When you open the
app, you’re instantly greeted with a camera interface, making it easy to snap
photos or record videos on the spot and share them directly with your select

3. Customizable Close Friends List

You have full control over who appears on your close friends
list in Threads. This feature allows you to curate a more intimate and personal
group of contacts with whom you want to share your updates, ensuring that
you’re sharing content with only those you trust.

4. Auto Status Based on Battery Level

Threads can also update your status based on your phone’s
battery level. If your battery is running low, your close friends will be able
to see that you might not be available to chat or that you’re on the go.

5. Privacy and Blocking Controls

Threads provides granular privacy settings, allowing you to
control who can reach out to you and send you messages. Additionally, if you
encounter any unwanted contact, you can easily block and report users through
the app.

6. Quick Replies and Reactions

When you receive a message on Threads, you can respond
quickly using the provided one-tap replies or emojis. This feature streamlines
conversations and makes it easier to keep in touch with your close friends even
when you’re on the move.

7. Customizable Themes and Chat Colors

Personalize your messaging experience by choosing from a
variety of themes and chat colors. Threads allows you to customize the
appearance of the app, making it more enjoyable and reflective of your

8. Silent Notifications and Mute Options

Threads offer the option to mute notifications for specific
conversations or friends. This feature is especially useful if you’re in a
meeting or need some uninterrupted time, allowing you to maintain focus without
being disturbed.

9. Stories Integration

With Threads, you can view your close friends’ Instagram
Stories directly within the app. This integration ensures that you never miss
updates from your inner circle, keeping you connected with the moments that
matter most.

10. Auto-Status Based on Activity

In addition to location-based status updates, Threads can
also set your status based on your activity. For example, if you’re listening
to music, your status might automatically reflect that, allowing your close
friends to see what you’re currently enjoying.


Instagram’s Threads app is a valuable tool for connecting
with your close friends and sharing moments in a more intimate and private
setting. The ten hidden features mentioned in this article can further enhance
your Threads experience, allowing you to customize your interactions, maintain
privacy, and stay connected in a more meaningful way.

As Threads continues to evolve, it’s essential to explore
its features and updates regularly, as new hidden gems may emerge, further
enriching your messaging and sharing experience with your closest companions.


  1. Is
    Threads a separate app from Instagram?
    • Yes,
      Threads is a separate standalone app developed by Instagram, focusing on
      private messaging and sharing with close friends.
  2. Can
    I use Threads without an Instagram account?
    • No,
      you need to have an active Instagram account to use Threads, as it is
      designed to complement your existing Instagram connections.
  3. Can
    I share content from Threads to my Instagram feed?
    • No,
      Threads is designed for sharing content exclusively with your close
      friends, and posts made on Threads do not appear on your Instagram feed.
  4. Are
    messages on Threads end-to-end encrypted?
    • Yes,
      messages on Threads are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that your private
      conversations remain secure and protected.
  5. Can
    I change my close friends list on Threads frequently?
    • Yes,
      you can easily edit and update your close friends list on Threads to
      reflect changes in your social circle and privacy preferences.


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